Seven Myths about Gingers

1. Gingers turn into vampires when they die

The ancient Greeks used to believe this funny myth about red hair — that when a redhead died, they turned into a vampire!

2. Gingers were conceived during menstruation

This myth about red hair persists to this day, though it’s complete nonsense.

3. Gingers are unlucky

Ancient Egyptians considered redheads to be so unlucky, they offered them in sacrifice, hoping to end the supposed bad-luck streak. Can you imagine being killed in a ritual, simply because your hair was an “unlucky” shade? On the other hand, though, Romans thought redheads might bring luck, so they were particularly desirable… when purchased as slaves.

4. Gingers have fiery tempers

Is this a myth about gingers, or could it be true? For centuries, gingers have been said to have fiery tempers, as well as lusty libidos.

5. Bees sting gingers more often

This myth about gingers may actually be true, though the science has yet to catch up with anecdotal evidence.

6. Gingers have stolen hell-fire

During the Spanish Inquisition, redheads by the hundreds died because the Spaniards thought that redheads were witches who had stolen the fires of hell, and as such, had to be burnt at the stake.

7. Gingers will eventually go extinct

There is a common perception that gingers could become extinct in 100 years. However, a National Geographic article states that while redheads may decline, barring a catastrophe, the gene for red hair will not likely become extinct.